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Loving ourselves through the process of owning our own story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.”

Brene’ Brown

CLAIRE HITCHON is a retired R.N., a writer/author, musician, photographer and practicing Buddhist living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Her many years as an R.N. specializing in Psychiatry were spent peeling back the layers of other’s traumas. This led to her own journey of discovery and the writing of two memoirs; FINDING HEART HORSE, Memoir of Survival and THE WALL OF SECRETS, Memoir of The Almost Daughter

Available on Amazon, Chapters.Indigo, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Bookstore.

She was adopted as a baby in the early 50’s by an older couple. Her life of trauma began with The Primal Wound of separation from her mother. It’s known as well, that trauma begins in utero, transmitting the energy of not being wanted, nor loved, into a perfectly pure little being. She arrived with a predetermined path of pain and loss already established.

Escaping from an abusive home at age 15 and running away to the popular Hippie Village, Yorkville in Toronto, led to even more disastrous life events, many that nearly took her life.

A theme emerged.

A theme of searching, of trying to find the place where she belonged, where she fit in, where her tribe was, where someone would love her. All along the path Horses of many kinds played a part until finally at age 50, a mother herself at that point….she found her real mother, her real family.

In 2003 after 35 years of searching, she found her biological family that consisted of her Mother and 3 siblings. Several years later she discovered her biological father.

The quest has been a long one, occupying most of her life. Searching for answers, for genetics, heritage, roots. Every detail, so important.

Since finding her biological family she discovered that her lifelong health difficulties were, in fact, a stair step progression of disease that escalated with each trauma. Genetics and history are vital to adoptees. A Rare Mast Cell Disease was diagnosed. Life changed in an instant, again.

A fighter and survivor, Claire continues to advocate for adoptees and street youth and continues to write as the story continues.

Living amongst the nature and energy of the Island with the oceans and mountains has been part of the healing journey. The moments are treasured and peace lives in her heart.

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  2. Claire! You just came through as a like on my about page. When I stupidly deleted my last blog I didn’t think I could start over–but I did–and I had to try to remember exact names of blogs and must have kept getting yours wrong cuz it never connected to you. I discont. my FB and–well so much going on. I hope you are doing well. ❤

  3. Dear Claire

    You are an inspiration. A joy! I am so glad and grateful that I discovered your blog. This is the very first time that I have had a personal contact with a fellow survivor of the primal wound. Thank you. Your insightful, eloquent, moving writings mirrored my own feelings and experiences.

    Brief resume. Now 65. UK based. Mother prostitute. Abandoned at birth. Fostering intermittently from 3 to 11. Children’s homes throughout 0-18. Many losses in that time. Wonderful social worker from 0-18. She looked out for me. I was lucky. I have survived. Oh, but that loss of mother is a deep, deep wound. Not as bad as it could have been owing to a loving Buddhist psychotherapist that I see once a week who ‘holds’ me as I give voice to my pain. She has helped me so much.

    But reading your many posts last night gave me such joy that you were putting in to words your survival. Just lovely! I have not taken up a Buddhist practise yet. I have a problem with trust issues. But I do so know the compassionate, practical usefulness of Buddhism. I think it’s time that I put my trust to the test. After all, look what it has given you!

    I would very much like to correspond with you by email. If you had time? I ask this humbly and hopefully. Please let me know.

    Again, thank you for your writings.

    Take care. Love and blessings.


  4. Dear Claire

    I live in the UK. I am a 65 year old woman.

    I am so grateful to have found your blog. This is the very first time that I have found a personal mirror of my experience of the primal wound. Last night I read every post of your blog. I was abandoned at birth. My mum was a prostitute. I was not adopted but only fostered at the age of 3. That broke down when I was eleven. Children’s Homes and boarding school took care of the rest. I have a wonderful, loving Buddhist therapist who has taken me on the journey of coming to terms with so much but that primal wound is still hurting.

    Reading your posts made me wish that we could talk! You are so inspirational and brave. I fell in love with your spirit and survival. I grapple with Buddhism although I love it’s wisdom and practical, compassionate psychology. I will think very seriously about taking up a daily practise. After all, Buddhism has nurtured and loved you. Why not me?

    I would so dearly love to correspond by email with you. If you had the time? Please let me know.

    I am going to use your mantra: I am safe. I am safe. I am safe.

    Thank you so much for your blog.

    Love and blessings. Katrina

    • My Dear Katrina
      I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to respond to your wonderful words. If you are connected to FB writers page…you would know I’ve been in the hospital and just this week returned home.

      I’m so glad you found my blog too! I remember when I first found LostDaughters on FB..(check them out btw) I felt finally…someone got it..finally, I found my tribe.

      I just wanted you to know..I hear you…clearly. I haven’t been ignoring you, in fact, it’s really bothered me that I couldn’t respond.

      In another few days I will be back in the writing world and would love to connect and hear more of your story..
      In the meantime…
      Remember, you already have within you everything you need..
      And of course, you hold the perfect Buddha spirit already ..just a few minutes of sitting with that knowledge and focusing on your breath will bring you home.

      I will write more later..I’m so glad you are here.

  5. Please help me..I’m losing my mind and I hurt so bad all over I feel like I have pins and needles everywhere.Smells make things worse.I’m so tires right now I can even tell you my story but I’m barly holding on to reality with the help a anti psc med that I seem to have allergic reaction to.My body sdoesn’t want to work its so tight its crazy smells and food make me shake worse and make things tighten up.Please doctors just think I’m crazy but I need help now.I have had hives for over 20 years I hsvnt been able to handle smells all my life there are times when it has been better.If I don’t get some better,they are going to send me away right now I’m in bed barly able to hold my head up I feel so crazy Im in so much pain please help me.

    • Pamela…
      I’m so sorry you are going through this. Are you part of any groups on FB. Do you think you might have a mast cell problem?
      Is anyone with you?
      Please call a crisis line if you need to talk to someone.
      If you think you may have a physical issue that the doctors aren’t treating try, http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com. On FB too.
      Mastocytosis group on FB.
      There are groups for fibromyalgia.
      Please check them out..
      I know how hard it is when people don’t understand..please, find a group and let yourself be heard and validated.

  6. You are a star. I wish your path had not been so hard, but your triumph is wonderful to see. You deserve to dance through the universe! Thank you.

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