Undones, Do You Have Them?

It’s been a tough week in the masto community. We’ve lost two amazing people who struggled with the daily challenges of Mast Cell Disease like I have. Another special friend is in the ICU fighting for her life as I write. That’s how unpredictable this is…life is
I’ve been in that place of almost not coming back. The last few months I’ve dipped my toes in that place several times.
Please..if you know someone that is struggling, reach out, check on them, love them. Your time may be limited.
If you can, please send prayers, healing energy, your thoughts to Jeanne Johnson Griffin and her family.
We need research, we need a cure

The Almost Daughter & More


Having faced death several times myself and recently experiencing the deaths of two very special people, I find myself preoccupied with loss.

Adoptees tend to do that of course. Our beginnings in utero had already started the prewiring necessary for our survival which was begun with loss of our mother.

Of course, I’d like to be thinking of sunshine and rainbows, but the reality for all of us is that death is inevitable. It could be tonight even.. It will come whether you’re ready or not. That is a certainty and we don’t have many of those in this life.

My life has been filled with loss as most adoptees are. The loss of our mother, our family, our heritage, our genetic markers, our family dynamics. Each future loss such as the recent losses I’ve mentioned open that old wound.

Then of course you add in the numerous losses one…

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