Who Stole My Life?

It’s over a year later and this post applies even more now. Having a bowel perforation, sepsis and collapsed lung nearly killed me. I sometimes wonder why I’m still here fighting. I’m halfway thru writing a blog about my time in ICU and step-down. I am still processing my ICU-itis and the fear i was wrapped in, unknown to anyone. I have a clear picture of what my patients used to go thru now and it’s not pretty. Bare with me…I’m slowly and shakily pressing the keys again.


The Almost Daughter & More

Imagination is the first step toward action. You have to be able to hope before you move forward. Otherwise, you are always acting out of fear.

— Gloria Steinem


I’ve been missing.  Maybe you noticed. Maybe you didn’t. I did.  I really noticed. I missed my writing, my friends, my life. I’ve been in and out of the hospital. Yes, the Mast Cells have been dictating my life…again, still.


Not long ago I was in India walking the streets of Dharamsala. I remember the energy of chanting with the Monks at Sherab Ling Monastery questioning if perhaps I was finally home, and if I should stay.You could touch the energy it was so powerful. It felt so right. I remember the smells, the people, the traffic and chaos. I remember this last part of my life.


Way before that…I had a life. I remember running miles on concrete floors as an…

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2 thoughts on “Who Stole My Life?

  1. Hi Claire, it’s nice see you are writing again. I very much enjoyed the piece you wrote. I hope to visit soon , I worked a few days this week. Love Susan

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