Adoption—Can you die from a broken heart?

In a perfect world, which is not the adoptees world…
People would try to understand and have compassion for ” broken hearts”

Adoption Detective: Memoir of an Adopted Child

“The intense emotional pain and stress resulting from unrequited love, disassociation, severance, rejection, adoption, divorce and the death of a loved one have always been associated with broken hearts. World literature, songs, and poems in every language are filled with proclamations about the distressingly painful effects of separation. Legends and fictional tales speak of characters that have died after suffering a devastating loss—a concept that dates back over 3,000 years to describe the physical pain and feelings associated with relationship loss.” Judith Land, Adoptee

Judith Land | Adoption Detective | Broken Heart Syndrome Adoptees diagnosed with broken heart syndrome can benefit from the support of friends and family members, draw comfort from their faith, obtain understanding and sympathy from support groups, and profit from the advice of therapists and health professionals.

Psychologists believe that primal separation fears are a survival instinct that encourages humans to form close family relationships—the reason why we experience emotional pain when those connections are…

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One thought on “Adoption—Can you die from a broken heart?

  1. this information is so vital for those whom need to know what’s happen-ing/-ed to themselves.
    and for those whom care enough to see and wish to engage with empathy, compassion to help.
    everyone at one time or another will be in need of understanding and support.
    others may find they are helpers.
    one great circle of life. jump in…

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