No-one Will Ever Define Me!

Von speaks the truth. People need to hear the truth….Anyone listening?

The Life Of Von

An adoptee writes at the conclusion of her article on the birth of her sister’s baby – “One thing’s for certain: No one else’s reaction to “It’s a girl!” will ever define me again. That’s my job — to show the world who I am and what I can accomplish.” Inspiring words!

To which a mother-of- loss tweets – Only 15 but has a strong voice. Listen!

My query is –  What does ‘only 15’ mean? Isn’t that demeaning of a young person? The MOL somehow seemed to think it a compliment, as ‘so many take longer to come out of the fog’! Words are so powerful and need to be used so carefully. It would appear that the whole message of the article was lost, even though the intentions were surely good ones.We each take our own time, let’s not…

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