2 thoughts on “Adoptee Restoration: Adult Adoptee Abuse… What Is It and How Should We Respond?

  1. Ok, this will be my last comment. Your blog caught my attention because my husband is an adoptee and was adopted into a home that was very, very bad. I can’t get into it right now but it was some of the worst abuse and neglect I have ever heard. He is in the proccess if finding his biological parents but if proving to be very painful. He received paperwork a few weeks ago that showed that his abuse began at four months of age but nothing was done. A lot of covering up and underhanded deals. I look forward to reading your blog.

    • My Dear Serenity ..
      Unfortunately there are many of “us”…meaning adoptees that have lived with abusive families. On top of the Primal Wound we are then saddled with unravelling the layers of abuse. Have you or your husband read any adoption books? Some popular and very helpful ones are Nancy Verrier’s…Primal Wound, Coming Home to Self…Betty Jean Lifton’s books are amazing.
      Knowlege is power. The more we can learn about ourselves and “our shadows” the healthier we get. I’m in the process of redoing website and adding some features such as book references. I’m so glad you found me. I just had a read of your blog and it’s all intertwined..you would find the books helpful as well.
      Read on…and bless you for supporting your husband. Adoptee’s are rather complex 🙂

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