The Magic of Energy…The Kind You Can’t See

ButterteaThis picture was taken in Sherabling Monastery north of Dharamsala.  I was blessed to experience the powerful spiritual energy transmissions while chanting with the Monks.  I have also been fortunate in having powerful spiritual teachers in my life instructing me in the importance of energy…spiritual, vibrational, healing..we are all nothing more than energy molecules moving at different speeds.  The chair.  The words I’m writing.  The desk I’m sitting at…all energy.

The most important of course is love and life.. as breath.  The words “qi”, “prana”, and spirit are all related in their respective languages to the verb “to breathe”.

Have you ever been in the presence of something or someone so magnetic, so full of life, so selfless and radiant you couldn’t take your eyes off of them?

Sitting in the Monastery chanting I could feel that energy vibrate within my soul.  Even in sitting alone and chanting, the force of spiritual energy flows freely.

I don’t intend on writing chapters about energy as there are many kinds and everyone has different experiences.  What I want to do is remind myself and others that our thoughts are energy as well.  Our words, our thoughts, our hearts, our breath.  If you knew,  really knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative one again.  They create our destiny and the world around us.

This post comes about from holding my book, writing the words inside the book,  signing the book and..the specifically chosen necklaces worn while doing the above.  Yes,  books hold energy if you are asking!  I wore a specific yak bone mala each time I sat at my desk.  Call me crazy but I know the power of energy held by that particular mala.

Daniel Goleman became aware of spiritual energy three decades ago in Asia.  He is the author of Emotional Intelligence.  He was there studying meditation and noticed that most seasoned practitioners exuded “a special quality, magnetic in a  quiet sense.”  “You always felt better than before you’d spent time with them and this feeling lasted.”

I bring this up because of the necklaces I have worn, the meditations and chanting I do and  the awareness I have of others around me when negativity is present.

Of course, in the adoption world and the mast cell world or any other group where pain exists, negativity is difficult to stay away from.  People are hurting and in pain both physically and emotionally.  The thing is…it perpetuates and creates the environment and builds momentum taking everyone’s energy into a whirl of angst.  Not that I don’t think we need to vent.  Of course we do.  Each of us is different in how long and how we grieve..what is..what has been lost, and where we are right in this moment.

IMG_3522The top pendant requires a special blog all of its own.  Most adoptees will recognize it and tomorrow, if my mast cells behave I will write about it.

The bottom pendant is an energy pendant of wild stallions done by an energy artist.  I thought it fitting as I was signing Finding Heart Horse and needed the extra boost of having wild horse energy with me.

The essence of this blog is about connection through energy.  We can do that by focusing on gratitude.  When you do that, automatically a stream of energy, of blessing, is flowing from the universal source as blood pulsates from the heart.  We can create a network of grateful, energetic living..we can.

Another way is self acceptance, beginning with kindness to what is.  I’m working moment to moment on this one, in relation to progression of my mast cell disease and worries about abnormal blood smears.   This compassionate quality is a reminder of who we are.  As we rest in this energy with others…they become our mirrors.  With this connection we gravitate towards peace and acceptance rather than negativity and destructiveness within ourselves causing suffering.



Together they resemble Love.  The kind of love that radiates unconditional warmth that arises naturally.  The embracing, unstoppable love I felt sitting with the Monks chanting as I was drawn in towards its own radiance.  We have access to this in our everyday lives with the connections we create with others, with the words we speak or write, with the energy of compassion that passes from me to you, within our communities.

 Change will come.

 I believe that.  In adoption.  In child abuse.  In world violence.

   It starts with each one of us.

So, as I re read this blog, I am aware that in this moment, my mast cells have most of the control over “my energy”,  my  rambling words that spill onto this page.  I’m posting it anyway.  Perhaps it’s my way of warming up the neurons for the next blog.

4 thoughts on “The Magic of Energy…The Kind You Can’t See

  1. I love this wild stallion pendant, Claire. Today I am filled with gratitude and drawn to your blog. Reading things I’ve read before, yet only “getting” what I’m supposed to get NOW. You are such a gift my friend. To me. To the world. ♥♥

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