Book Signing..Toronto Hay House I Can Do It Conference


I have been slow to blog these past few weeks as you would have seen in my recent Mast Cell blog I’ve been down for the count.  Yes, it was worth it!

I have many thoughts about my experience at the book signing being as it was my first and it still feels surreal that it was actually me sitting there signing a book that I had published!  I really just wanted to touch base with you and share a few pictures.  The best moment of the experience was when I was grabbing a few mouthfuls of lunch outside of the lobby and a couple of women came out after buying Finding Heart Horse to ask if I would sign it for them.

I was stunned!  Me?  You want me to sign my book?  You mean me?  To have purchased it and then sought me out was beyond my realm of being a newly published author.  Both were adoptees and yearning for more information and we spent some time discussing options that could be found online and in books.

Those moments I discovered, are the reason I’ve spent over eight yrs crafting my stories and putting them between the covers of Finding Heart Horse and The Wall of Secrets.

Those moments..are what it’s all about.  Those moments make every tear, every minute of reliving traumas so worthwhile.

For those of you writing, or thinking about writing, don’t ever stop.  Don’t give up no matter how many times you feel your words aren’t important enough, no matter how tired you get doing rewrite after rewrite.  Your stories will change people’s lives.  They will validate others and allow them to speak their truth.  Best of all…you will heal during the process and be free…finally.


4 thoughts on “Book Signing..Toronto Hay House I Can Do It Conference

  1. Yes it is you they want to speak with for more insight you can share. Get use to it Claire it’s not over yet…..xoxo

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