Adopting the Inferior Child – the Untermensch

The Life Of Von

Over at The Adopted Ones blog, there is a post about the blog being found through a search for ‘adopting an inferiorchild’ !! Understandably, The Adopted Ones have made their feelings very clear on what they think should happen to any application to adopt, from someone who would use the expression ‘inferior child’. As you may or may not have guessed, this blogger fully supports those views expressed by The Adopted Ones and would like to see many changes in the way adoption applications/home studies are carried out.  Anyone who has thought it through thoroughly, will understand that far too many adoptions take place, far too many adoptions that could have been avoided by changed attitudes to family preservation, support of mothers and communities and changed attitudes to poverty, who and what produce poverty and the factors and people who contribute to it. Poverty is not accidental; like…

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