Year of the Horse-Finding Heart Horse

As we begin the year of the Wooden Horse in Chinese astrology I can’t help but feel it quite auspicious for me now that Finding Heart Horse is out galloping around the country.ImageI  have always been drawn to these amazing horse sculptures by Heather Jansch and If I had a house with a big yard I would fill it with her many horses.   Of course, living out in the wild where I could have a stable with as many horses as I want would be even better.

So many different views on the Year of the Wooden Horse are showing up around online it can be confusing.  I choose to believe, because of Finding Heart Horse that it is a year of victories, unexpected adventure, a year of travel and the more far away and off the beaten path the better.  Energy is high and production is rewarded, Decisive action brings victory.  In the year of the horse, you have to act fast.   If you are not 100% sure about a decision, don’t do it.

I have found renewed passion for horses, not that it wasn’t there all along but not being around the very animal that was with throughout my life was shoved down as I wrote about Heart Horse.  Doing the video shoot it was so evident that my heart filled with a light, a joy, a passion that had just been waiting to show it’s spirit once again.  Heart Horse has given me many things but this love of horses is one I will be following this year in practice and I can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Year of the Horse-Finding Heart Horse

  1. Yes I did go to her website–the horses feel so real! I could imagine having one in my yard and growing attached! I loved that part in your video where you reach out to the horse–I felt your connection to it, saw your face relax. You do need a horse . . .:-)

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