It’s proper that right below me as I write is my last post “Don’t Believe Everything You Think”.  I need to practice this now in this very moment.  Since being ill with Mast Cell Disease I have gained at least a person in size.  When I was watching the video I had to fight with my self concept issues and get over the thought I have to hide because I’ve changed in personal appearance.  So here we go…Mission accomplished.  Acceptance discovered and even a sprinkle of compassion thrown in to a person who has been through the fight of their life and continues daily with this unpredictable disease.  Inside her, the little girl who suffered through the real journey is healing and feeling loved for who she was and is..right now, in this moment.

Namaste to all

6 thoughts on “Video Release of FINDING HEART HORSE

    • Hi Lori,
      What a sweet note! I’m constantly overwhelmed by notes such as yours. I re read them and try to take in the words to my starved soul and believe. Thank you. Books are available on Amazon, Chapters.Indigo, Balboa, B&N.

  1. Claire …your book and your video will go on to inspire many wandering and lost souls….thank you for sharing your journey and your Heart Horse. xo

  2. Claire, your video is beautiful. It made me cry, to see all you’ve done with what you lived. The video, your book, YOU, are an inspiration. I’m so proud of you!!

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