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 Image  I am very honoured to have received the Liebster Blog Award nomination from Von at her blog “The Life of Von. Her blog is a constant source of information important to society, in particular the adoptee community. Her insights into human rights and adoption reform are a never-ending source of inspiration to a community looking for answers and direction and sometimes a chuckle or two.  She tackles the tough subjects, the emotions, the confusing ups and downs, the challenges faced daily in the search and discovery of a persons heritage, of their search for self.  Von and I met  some time ago.  The connections made thru the internet and cyber world of groups are just as real and strong as if you were sitting across from the person having a coffee in a cafe somewhere.  She and I have many things in common from  adoption issues to health interests.  I know when I need an honest opinion or feedback she is my go-to person.  Her support while I was writing my books carried me during the turbulent waters of the dark and deep.  I will be forever thankful for her friendship and mentoring.  She may not even realize how  many times her words have supported me, or her presence inspired me, and being the humble being she is will just chuckle and say, “’s nothing.”  Well, Von, I’m here to tell you it was a huge “something”…thank you.

 When I began blogging I wasn’t sure what to say or how to do it and it was Von’s blog I went to for reference.  I decided I just needed to sit down and write as if I were talking to her and that’s what I did.  The stories emerged.  Of my adoption, of abuse, of illness, of fears and tears.   I speak the truth and take the repercussions as they come.

 I now exist and can no longer tolerate the lies and secrets that adoption fosters and will continue to write my way through them as I can.  Von, for you to nominate me for this award brings me something I’ve not known. The knowing, that it matters, that I matter, that my words matter. I admire and value your spirit and strength on this journey we are taking .   I have learned so much from you and want you know you are loved and respected  by this fellow traveler.

 Thank you Von,


These are the rules according to the nomination.  Rules of the Liebster Award.

1. Post acceptance post and include a thank you to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Choose at least 10 bloggers you wish to nominate with links to their blogs.

3. Answer 10 questions your nominator sent to you.

4. Include 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

My answers to Von’s questions:

1. How is blogging working out for you? —  I’m still getting the hang of it and have lots to figure out just with the wordpress widgets!  I enjoy being able to sit down and just write about whatever is in the forefront of my mind at the time.  I’m hoping when the 2 books are published and out there, I will be able to spend more time exploring subjects pertaining to my existence and the world around me.

2. What is your favourite way of writing? —  My desk is piled high with books and I’m surrounded by jars of pencils and pens of every colour.  It’s usually in the morning after coffee that I sit at the computer.  Music is playing in the background, usually quiet oldies or meditation music.  When I go out you will always find a small pad of paper and pens in my bag.  I jot things down frequently.  Phrases or words I like.  I’m the sticky note queen!

3. What things assist your writing processes? — Well, as many sticky notes, my solitude and silence from the world.  Nature and my camera when I”m feeling stuck.  Conversations with friends and peers.  Books of course, piles of books.  I believe books hold energy so I surround myself with them.  My meditation practice, my mala hanging over my stand with all my papers that sometimes hangs around my neck for energy and courage.

4. Books or Kindle? —  Books absolutely!  I love the feel of books especially well loved ones.  I love turning the pages and feeling the paper and sometimes, i think the words are soaked up by my fingers.  I have a few books and magazines on my iPad and i haven’t read one of them.

5. Do you have a favourite place to write? — For serious writing it’s at my desk, like for book writing or blogs.  For my little notes and papers usually in a place of nature.  Here in my living room I can see the ocean, the eagles, the mainland mountains.  It’s a perfect place to write.

6. When do you write? —  I would like to say when I want but the truth is, it’s when I have the energy, when I can see the words, when my brain is clear.  Mastocytosis robs me of being able to choose.  I quess the answer is I write when I can and scribble in notebooks the rest of the time.  Usually mornings.

7. Has life offered you challenges and opportunities which inform your writing?  — Heck yes!  My whole life has been a journey of discovery and search.  It’s been filled with many traumas and life challenges.  I’ve been able to use each one as a stepping stone in growth.  Now, to have the privilege of being able to write and publish, I hope to share with others that there is always hope.  Struggles occur, people arrive, events happen all to teach us lessons.  I take daily events now and see where and how the lesson is hiding and its there, just waiting.  We each have within us our perfect spirit and life is the journey to find what was there all along.

8. Where do you look for inspiration? —  You!  Other bloggers, friends in conversations, within myself, as the layers are peeled back and processed.  I get great inspiration from my spiritual practices as I learn to “let go” dig deeper, not get attached to the outcomes.  Inspiration comes from the world around me and the different journeys we are all on.

9. R&R ? —  Hmm.  Since moving to Vancouver Island there is a never ending abundance of amazing nature filled places to go to.  I usually head out across the Island to the west side, it there.  I love to travel.  Most recently India on a Buddhist Pilgrimage in 2010.  I hope to get my mast cells stabilized enough to go back soon or perhaps Australia for coffee.   Snuggles with my “blind boy” Jango the dachshund and a good book are always a quick way to unwind.

10. What can’t you live without? —  Having experienced life in my teens where I lived basically with nothing except my guitar, I can say I’m not attached to many material things.  I enjoy my comforts now, but they can disappear in an instant.  Love my morning coffee with real cream.  Material things take second place to my people and pets.   Nothing is permanent, I practice gratitude for many things daily.  Coming from Finding Heart Horse tells the story of… to living with nice things,  ocean views, nature and  mountains is something I am grateful for each morning when I look out the windows.

Here are my nominees.  Feel free to participate or not, no pressure.  Just know your blogs have touched me in some way and I thank you.

Mandy at…

Daniel at …

All the ladies at …

Kim at …

Dr.Nancy at …

Tao at …

KatjaMichelle at …

Tracie at …

Lara/Trace at …

Martha at …

Here are my ten questions for anyone that wants to “ponder” their blogging and give it a go.

1.  What started you blogging?

2.  Do you worry about how your blogs affect others?

3.  Where do you write?

4.  Where do you get your ideas from?

5.  What do you do to soothe your soul?

6.  What’s one of your favourite books?

7.  What are you searching for?

8.  What’s one thing you can’t live without?

9.  Introvert or Extrovert?

10. Favorite place to write?

5 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. I love you and your writing Claire and this post. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! Adoptees like us do have a voice. Namaste…. Be well… Peace and Love…

  2. Congratulations, Claire, you deserve the award–you have been a never-ending source of inspiration and encouragement. You showed up as a “like” one day on my FB page and then added small comments that I carried with me for reassurance. And now I’m reading your memoir, Finding Heart Horse, and I understand where the warrior in you comes from. {hugs!}

  3. Congrats Claire…you know I will always be a big fan of your writing 🙂 xoxox

    (and you are is like sitting down to coffee with you.comforting ).


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