Finding Heart Horse will break your heart, then stitch it back together with hope, gumption, and something we fellow adoptees like to call “adoptee resilience.” Although the first installment of Claire Hitchon’s memoir isn’t specifically about her adoption, we can see the fallout from a flawed institution that left her to be raised by an abusive mother and an emotionally impotent father. Claire knows deeply that something is wrong with them, but incorrectly believes in her young adult years that the fault ultimately lies with her-self.

But there exists something deep within her, a strength, an awareness of her basic goodness that allows Hitchon to survive living on the streets, prison and debilitating abuse of all kinds. The author uses her raw creativity and considerable artistic talents to find solace from her own personal demons, ultimately allowing her to connect with that enlivened horse spirit that she knows is buried under layers upon layers of trauma, self-hate, and utter confusion as to how to live life.

Hitchon leaves no holds barred in relating the exciting, yet devastating lifestyle she leads while coming of age in Toronto. I cannot wait to read the second installment of her memoir, The Wall of Secrets.

Laura Dennis

 Adult Adoptee in Reunion

Author of Adopted Reality, A Memoir

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8 thoughts on “FINDING HEART HORSE Pre Release Review

    • Hi,
      Thanks for being interested in the book. You can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Balboa Press, Chapters.Indigo in Canada. Let me know what you think of it please. I will have a website up and running soon and would love to hear your thoughts.

      • Wonderful, thank you! I am very interested to read your journey. It is so difficult to let that piece of us lay bare for all to see us as we really are, not who we portray.

  1. Claire

    Happy Holidays!

    Lyndsay wrote down some information for me about your new book….
    How can I purchase it? These reviews make me want to start reading NOW!!!!

    Thank you for always remembering my daughter at Christmas and throughout the year. Lyndsay loves you and Jango.

    When I seen Lyndsay yesterday she had the biggest smile on her face….she said “Look Mom I received a present from Jango;s Mom.”

    Talk about one excited young lady!

    You are about the 3rd person in my life that has written a book about their life experiences so I have a bit of an idea how tedious journey this is.

    Congraulations!!!!, Claire! I am so tickled that you have accomplished so much!


    • Thank you Linda. FINDING HEART HORSE is the first of two. The 2nd THE WALL OF SECRETS is right behind. It’s been a very painful journey but healing as well.
      No need to thank me for remembering Lyndsay..she is as much a part of Jango’s social world as anyone. If you go on the blog you can click on the different categories and read about the book or mast cells or adoption. Thank you for being interested!

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