Same tired excuse being used to not to listen to adult adoptees…

Adopted is adopted is adopted.. The trauma still remains as does the lasting pain.

The adopted ones blog

Adult adoptees now aren’t the products of the resources (support) we have now.  In 10+ years, we will be able to ask adult transracially adopted people how we did.   And it is so case by case. Each adoptee and adoptive parent is different.  This is why it’s so important and more and more resources are written and made available to adoptive families.  Education is the start, action is the progress.”

While I don’t necessarily disagree with the last part of the comment by an adoptive parent on Facebook in a discussion about transracial adoption, I vehemently disagree with the first two sentences of the statement.  Not to mention that finding out after the fact is probably not what you really want to do when parenting.  I have been part of the online adoption community for the past six or seven years.  That was, and still is, the automatic default answer…

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