Cingulate Gyrus

Another amazing post from Von.
Studies have proven children from trauma/adoption suffer changes to their brain structure that creates difficulties in later life. Not that we didn’t know this just from experience alone but it’s helpful to know the actual physiological causes related to trauma and it’s effects.

The Life Of Von

It seems we adoptees have to make it up as we go along in every area of our lives. If we are lucky enough to have been told we were adopted, a dubious concept, most of us adult adoptees have had to imagine what our mother was like, who our father might have been and the circumstances of our birth. Often, if we are lucky enough to reach reunion, another dubious privilege for so many, we discover our story is indeed stranger than fiction, stranger than we could have possibly imagined and always full of lies, deceptions and fanciful imaginings. When those are revealed, if they ever are fully, we begin to understand our part in the story of adoption – a story which so often was about protecting the identity of our parents and their families, the anonymity of those who facilitated our adoption, legally or illegally, about protecting…

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